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Why Undergraduate Nutrition at Brescia Is So Effective

Brescia University College is a women’s liberal arts college in Ontario. This Catholic institution offers courses in a variety of subjects, including nutrition. Students can choose from undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. Classes are designed to enhance interaction and encourage participation. They also provide students with hands-on experience in the food industry. A bachelor’s degree is required for admission. The university is part of the Western University system. It is located on beautiful grounds adjacent to the University of Western Ontario. There are over 1,500 undergraduate and graduate students at Brescia.

Brescia’s undergraduate Food and Nutrition program is recognized as one of the best in the country. It is accredited by the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice and can provide graduates with the knowledge to become registered dietitians. At Brescia, students can pursue a variety of studies in this field, from nutrient absorption to chemical composition of food. During their time at the university, they’ll also be engaged in volunteer opportunities. Using state-of-the-art laboratories, students will conduct research on the nutrition of food products and the development of sustainable food solutions.

The Bachelor of Science in Foods and Nutrition (BSc.) is a two-year program that can prepare students for a career in dietetics. Graduates are eligible for dietetic internships, and have the opportunity to become Registered Dietitians after completing the course. In addition to taking nutrition courses, students will also study a wide range of other concepts, from health and wellness to societal factors affecting the way we eat.

Moreover, students can also take advantage of the new $31 million residence complex. Located in downtown London, the complex features state-of-the-art facilities and an atmosphere that is welcoming and friendly. Besides the facilities, Brescia students have access to top-notch faculty. For example, American psychologist JoAnn Deak has studied how the brescia nutrition dietetics brain works, and has collaborated with the Brescia program to explore how we eat and how our choices affect our brains.

Another reason why undergraduate nutrition at Brescia is so effective is because of the emphasis it places on critical thinking. Faculty are award-winning experts in their fields, and they’ll guide you through the evaluation of the nutritional merits of a variety of food products. You’ll also have the chance to get involved in a variety of community volunteer programs. All of these things help to strengthen your resume when it comes time to apply for an internship.

When you decide to pursue a degree in Food and Nutrition at Brescia, you’ll be joining a vibrant, supportive community. Students can join a variety of clubs, such as the FRESH club and the Nutrition Ignition group. They can also work with local farmers, restaurants, and manufacturers. While their focus is on preparing students to be leaders in their communities, the school is also dedicated to offering a quality education. Compared to other institutions, Brescia’s tuition is relatively inexpensive. Depending on your schedule, you may be able to take advantage of scholarships.

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